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Certified Auto Glass Repair

A+Plus Certified Auto and Truck Glass Specialist offers the best in auto glass repair in the Bronx, New York area. Do you have a windshield that needs to be fixed? We can solve your problem being the best in glass repair. Windshield damage caused by flying rocks and other debris must be sorted immediately. Otherwise, the damage will spread and the integrity of the glass could be compromised. Our team will make sure we have the right solution as we are dedicated to great customer service. If the crack is too large or in the driver's line of vision, then we will have to replace the windshield. We also fix damage to any car and truck glass - door windows, mirrors, sunroofs, and tailgates. Call us today at (347)-973-1007.

We carry out repair and replacement work on all auto glass here at A+Plus Certified Auto & Truck Glass Specialist. Whether it is your car's sunroof, windshield, side windows, or mirrors, we have highly-trained and experienced staff of technicians who have all the equipment needed to get the job done. We also repair and replace window regulators and tailgate motors as apart of our car and truck maintenance. 

Our technicians will assess the damage to determine if the windshield needs a fixed crack, rock chip, or full replacement. Cracks and chips can spread to decrease your visibility while driving that’s why fixing the issue is necessary as it can become a hazard to your driving left untouched. We service cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, and RV’s.   

Windshield Repair Service

Professional Window Tinting

If you are looking to have your windows tinted with the best film and the best prices around then look no further than A+Plus Certified Auto & Truck Glass Specialist. We offer professional and reliable window tinting for great prices. We can help you familiarize yourself with the window tinting process as it varies from shade and type. Mirror tinting can help make your car look good and also keep you safe from cancerous UV rays. Window tinting also keeps your vehicle cooler in the hotter months of the year. Window tinting also gives you a sense of privacy while in or out your vehicle. Window tinting can also help preserve your interior from the sun's rays as it can fade and the leather can crack.  

Our Services
Expert Windshield Replacement

A+ Plus Certified Auto and Truck Glass Specialist is one of the top auto glass and windshield replacement companies in the Bronx area. Our certified professionals will preform to make sure the job is done right and efficiently. Making sure you are a satisfied customer is our top priority. Along with our windshield replacement service we offer auto glass, window tinting, car and truck maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Our windshield replacement services include complete glass removal, install of glass specified to your vehicle, and we will make sure your vehicle is free from marks and in upstanding condition. Our mobile service can also come to your location to perform the job as well. In addition to out mobile service we have also expanded or range to travel to Mt. Vernon NY, and New Rochelle NY. Our mobile service is complimentary

Truck Glass Repair/Replacement

Our technicians will also repair and replace any damaged glass in your truck. We use only the highest quality glass, and you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most professional and experienced company in New York's Bronx Area. Look no further and try our exceptional service and be one of our thousands of happy customers today. For your convenience we are open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.Our business is a one-stop shop for all kinds of truck glass repair or replacement. Contact us today at (347) 973-1007.