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Windshield Replacement Services near New Rochelle, New York

Drivers in New Rochelle, New York, whose car windshields have been chipped or cracked should waste no time in getting in touch with the team of experts here at A+Plus Certified Auto & Truck Glass Specialist. We have been carrying out auto glass repair and replacement work for more than 30 years and have decades of knowledge and experience under our belts.

If the crack is small enough to be fixed - smaller than a quarter coin - then we will deal with the problem by way of a repair job. However, if it is larger, or in the driver's line of vision, then it is considered a hazard and we will have to replace the glass.

We stock windshields for most popular models of car and, if we need to get one, we can contact a vendor and have it delivered within an hour. Most auto glass services can be done on the same day, and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our technicians will also replace and repair the tailgate motors, and the window regulators - the device that makes the windows go up and down. We will also tint windows to a grade of 30% or less, and the service includes removing old tint and replacing it with new.

Auto maintenance work for both cars and trucks is another of our main services. We deal with both foreign and domestic vehicles, and we do a comprehensive and thorough job. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your vehicle and keep you safe on the road.

We will check all your lights, brakes, fluid, windshield wipers, and tire pressure. Any repair work that is needed, such as auto lights, replacement spark plugs, and recharged air conditioners, will be done by us here too.

There is only a short distance between New Rochelle and our premises in the Bronx, so look no further than A+Plus Certified Auto & Truck Glass Specialist for all your auto repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. For more information call (347) 973-1007.

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